Editor Emeritus says farewell to Union and 807


By Jessica Doran

As a senior approaching graduation, it is easy to say that I will miss Union and all that it has offered me in the last four years. As a senior in high school, I wrote a senior reflection for the newspaper that included a lament of the “last times” that we will experience in one place.

Looking back, this approach was not just sappy, but indicative of my naïveté. Reflecting, it shows how much one place can change you.

My perspective has changed immensely in four years. Whereas in high school there was a strong, almost necessary desperation to “make memories,” now there is no pressure.

Life at Union is progressing daily, but the memories that are being made aren’t forced. They are born out of a daily desire to make the most of my time here, but comfort in knowing that this place will live on and continue to serve me in my future.

I leave Union with a degree, but also with a level of confidence that I most certainly did not have leaving high school. This can be attributed to the passage of time as well, but also to the people who surround me here. Genuine, goodhearted, and loyal people are what I have found here. They have contributed to my successes and have supported me along the way.

Editing 807 Union Street offered me a number of these successes. My co-editor, Matt Olson ‘15, and I, continued a longstanding tradition of the celebration of Union activities and happenings, with a special focus on Schenectady and its history and appeal. I hope that in focusing on these positive aspects of where we go to school, we were able to harbor and inspire an appreciation for what is offered to student’s here.

807 Union Street also posed a challenge for me. Garnering interest is a difficult task, and we have strived each week to put out a product that makes people interested in what we write about. Interest to write for the section in particular is often low, but has increased in recent times, and I hope to see a progression in the amount of student interest in the section.

The Concordiensis is a special part of this school, and holds a special place in my heart. I hope that just as it has served me as an outlet and a creative adventure, it continues on as such. My contribution lies in making people want to read the paper, and take interest in U.


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