Bethany Crowe and Gabe Sturges bid farewell to Union Track and Field


By Danielle Coppola

It is likely that you have seen them hurdling and sprinting their way around the Frank Bailey Track through the rain, sun and sometimes even snow flurries.

While those conditions may not sound ideal, the track has been the home of Bethany Crowe ‘13 and Gabe Sturges ‘13 for the past four years at Union  both of whom have enjoyed great success.

Crowe, an English major from the small town of Winchester, Mass. traditionally favors the hurdles, both 400-meter and the 4X100 relay. She has also been known to participate in the 4X400 relay, bringing Union great success in each of her races.

Most notably this year Crowe qualified for the finals of the 100-meter dash in the Liberty League Outdoor Track and Field Championships, placing sixth overall with a time of 17.01 seconds. She also succeeded in the Capital District Classic’s 100-meter hurdles with a time of 17.62 seconds.

It is times like these that will leave a legacy in Crowe’s name after she graduates this coming June.

Sturges, who hails from Catskills, N.Y. and majors in Spanish and hispanic studies, focused on the grueling 5,000-meter and 10,000-meter runs, both of which are notorious for requiring much training and stamina.

Sturges enjoyed much success this year as well, finishing third in the 5,000-meter run at the RoadRunner Invitational with a time of 15:41.37 on April 6. Sturges also excelled at the Liberty League Outdoor Track and Field Championships, finishing fourth in the 10,000-meter run with a time of 32:37.12.

Both have enjoyed great success as a Dutchman and Dutchwoman and are proud to share some of their memories and advice for future athletes.


What is your fondest Union Track memory?

Crowe: I’m lucky to have a lot of fond memories from being a part of this team.

The supportive coaches and friends I’ve met through the track team has been a highlight of my four years here.

Sturges: I’d say my fondest Union Track memory has to be just being able to run with my best friends every day.

Those hours and miles spent on the road with each other builds such incredible friendships.


What was your favorite meet that you ever participated in?

Crowe: My favorite meet I participated in was ECACs at the Armory in New York City. The Armory has the nicest track I have ever ran on!

Sturges: My favorite meet is any one in which the weather is nice enough that you don’t mind sitting outside for eight hours.


What is your favorite memory “off the track” with the team?

Crowe: Our track decatholon this year was a lot of fun. The last day there was an obstacle course set up and watching people trying to get through the obstacles was so funny to watch. It turns out box jumps are a lot more dangerous than they appear.

Sturges: I’ll really miss our daily hour-and-a-half-long dinners.


Any words you would like to share with those returning next year?

Crowe: Don’t take things too seriously, love what you do and have fun! It will be over too soon.

Sturges: I want to thank everyone on our team for making my four years such a wonderful experience. Our team is moving in a really positive direction and I want to see the successes continue in the years to come.


Both of these athletes have quite literally left their blood, sweat and tears on the track and have the success and memories to prove it.

They undoubtedly have great things to look forward to both on and off the track, and it is a point of pride for Union to have not only housed them for four years, but to have watched them run their hearts out in the garnet and white.


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