‘Benzo’ to premiere during ReUnion weekend


By Sam Bertschmann

to be a part of it. We didn’t expect her to say yes since she was so busy, but she’s given us so much love and support. We really lucked out with an awesome cast.”

Both students aspire to work in film some day. “You’ll see my name on billboards,” said Moreno.

“Every project has its own flair, so it’s always changing and always fun. Other jobs seem  monotonous compared to filmmaking,” said Freter. “We’ll see where that takes me.”

Moreno and Freter thanked those who helped them make their vision a reality. “We’d both like to thank the whole cast and crew, our professors—Michelle Chilcoat, Andrew Feffer and Jim DeSeve—for all their support and willingness to be on this journey with us and continue to push us all four years,” said Freter. “And our friends and family, who have been a huge support system.”

“And a huge shout out to TDX for letting us use their house,” said Moreno.

Benzo premieres this Saturday, June 1, at 2:30 p.m. in Reamer Auditorium.



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