Beautiful U: Date ideas for spring and summer


By Nicolette Audino

Since the weather has finally gotten nicer and there is now more time to spend doing activities other than sitting inside and watching a great thriller, there are many more options for fun dates. If you are in a new relationship, long-term romance or are “just friends,” try out these 10 fun and exciting ideas for spring and summer dates.

1. Mini golf

Mini golf is a great activity because it is not only fun, but also creates a little friendly competition between the two of you. Make a fun bet on who will win or lose, or let him or her show you how to swing a golf club properly. This will make for a fun, lighthearted date and draw you two closer together.

2. Go out for ice cream

Plain and simple. Who doesn’t love ice cream? When it is hot outside and there is no point in being stuck indoors all day, grab a cone or a bowl of cold ice cream and have a middle school-style date.

3. Have a picnic

Find a nearby park and pick up a blanket and a wooden basket. Put his or her favorite foods in the basket with some refreshing beverages and sit outside in the grass underneath the warm sun. If it is nighttime, this is a great time to gaze up at the stars.

4. Drive-in movie theaters

Though often forgotten, going to a drive-in movie theater on a warm night is a classic and romantic date idea. This is also a fun change-up from the normal movie date.

5. Have a campfire

Grab some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and sit by the fire. It is a great time to cuddle up next to each other and talk about life while staying warm near a beautiful fire.

6. Paddle boating

In Central Park, right here in Schenectady, there is a small lake in which you can rent paddle-boats and go out on the lake together. This is a great activity on a beautiful, warm day when you can catch some rays of sunshine.

7. Go to the beach

Since it is finally so warm out, take a nice drive with the windows down for a few hours and stick your feet in the sand. Whether you go to nearby Lake George or farther away to the Jersey Shore near the ocean, a getaway on a warm day is like nothing else. Take a stroll near the ocean or lake in the sand holding hands.

8. Go on a bike ride

Find a great bike trail or a local park and take out your old-school bikes for a side-by-side ride. Race each other, laugh and smile because this date will bring back childhood memories.

9. Eat at an outdoor restaurant

Find a great restaurant, like The Lighthouse right near Union on Freeman’s Bridge Road, and sit outside on a deck overlooking a beautiful scene. Being outside and looking at such a picturesque view will make you feel close to your companion.

10. Attend a sporting event

Whether you go to a local high school baseball game or Giants training camp, find a sport to watch outside. If you do, it is a great opportunity to show your partner how much you know about the game.


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