Assiant Director of Student Activities resigns



As of June 15, Assistant Director of Student Activities Kerrie Wolf-Piechota, will complete her ninth and final year with Union . At the end of June, Wolf-Piechota plans to leave Union and move to the other side of the phone. She will be calling colleges to book programs like the speakers and debates that she organized at Union.

When asked about her favorite memories at Union, Wolf-Piechota found it difficult to pinpoint just a few. She narrowed it down to the people: the students, faculty, staff and the “vibrant” Union community  as the factors that made her time at the college most memorable. They will be what she will miss the most as well.

She stated, “Students never cease to amaze me.” She referenced students’ talents including performances of poetry, academia, music and dance. With Wolf-Piechota leaving, her advice to current and future Union students is simply to get involved. She said, “In college, in life, you only get out of it what you put in and students should make the most out of their time in college.” Additionally, Wolf-Piechota advises students to “always tell family and friends that you love them.” Wolf-Piechota also co-founded the LGBTQ program at Union and stated that she will find it difficult to walk away from a project about which she is so passionate.

She wants students to feel comfortable and safe while at school and like they have a home here. She notes that these goals are held by many members of the Union community, but hopes she was included in that group.

Comically, Wolf-Piechota stated she had “so many Facebook friends” from Union and that it has been “a wonderful ride.” Her hopes are that someone new can fill her position and have their own ride with Union in the years to come.


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