Art For Progress showcases student work


By Sam Bertschmann

On Saturday, May 18, Golub House hosted its annual Art For Progress Exhibition and Wine Tasting with the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Every spring, the event showcases student artwork and aims to raise money for charity; this year, Golub collected donations for Colleges Against Cancer and Kristen Shinebarger, who is currently battling Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Golub Council Co-Chair Nick D’Angelo ‘14 spoke of the history of Art For Progress, which has been held every year since Golub was founded along with the rest of the Minerva system in 2004.

“It’s one of our traditions,” said D’Angelo. “For a long time, we held it in the Nott, but in the past three years we’ve had it in the house.”

Art For Progress is one of Golub’s three signature events. The council also hosts Oktoberfest and Cinco de Mayo parties each year, both of which are typically co-sponsored by a fraternity.

D’Angelo also discussed the planning and execution of Art For Progress, explaining the social and philanthropic components of the annual event as well.

“It’s a long process and requires the entire Golub council. It also has a social component, so we always team up with a fraternity,” said D’Angelo. “We have a lot of events with DKE, but this is the first time we’ve hosted Art For Progress with them. The Minerva Office and Arts Department organize the artists.”

D’Angelo elaborated on this point, explaining how Golub raises funds for its chosen cause each spring.

“It’s also a philanthropy event, and in the last two years Kaitlyn Suarez ‘15 has been instrumental in organizing that aspect.”

This year’s cause was especially meaningful to Union’s campus, as Golub sought to raise money for Kristen Shinebarger, daughter of Union’s Director of Student Support Services Shelly Shinebarger.

“Every year we donate to a cause. In the past, we’ve raised money for the Make a Wish Foundation, and this year we raised money for Colleges Against Cancer,” said D’Angelo. “For Minervas, you can’t charge admission or even advertise for donations. We simply have a table that [Suarez] generously sits at for the evening with a sign and a box, and if anybody feels obliged to donate, then they’re welcome to.”

Golub Council Communications Chair Charlotte Lehman ‘14 explained how the house coordinated the student artwork featured in the exhibit. The selected pieces were primarily made in various art and photography classes offered by the school.

“We featured six artists, ranging from sculptors to photographers to digital artists. We usually emphasize photography because it’s so easy to display, and we have a good relationship with the photography department,” said Lehman. “We had digital arts works from Clara Boesch ‘14, Maggie Weinreb ‘13, Robert Leung ’16, Shanna Saldana ’14 and myself, among others.”

An entire wall of the exhibit featured photographs taken by the Minerva Fellows during their time abroad. This past year, nine students participated in this prestigious program: Shalini Singaravelu ‘12, Alexis Deeb ‘12, Matthew Kelleher ‘12, Alagra Bass ‘12, Sara Gagnon ‘12, Aaron Glosser ‘12, Amanda Greenberg ‘12, Jessica Sarrantonio ‘12 and Ian Schwartz ‘12.

“We had works from all of them on an entire wall, about 25 photos. We like to feature a diverse range of work, and this year was much more diverse than previous years,” said Lehman. “We’ve never had sculpture before.”

Lehman also spoke of her hopes for future Art For Progress events.

“We didn’t get any video submissions, but we hope to next year,” said Lehman.

Both D’Angelo and Lehman were pleased with this year’s event, considering it a great success. D’Angelo shared his hopes for attendees of this year’s exhibit.

“First, I hope they took away a little from Professor Raucci’s talk on film and the ancients. We’ve featured classics professors for the past three years,” said D’Angelo. “Second, I hope they took away an appreciation and awareness for the cause and how much the campus does for Colleges Against Cancer and Kristin Shinebarger. Third, I hope they recognize how hard our council worked and how hard all the councils work in the Minerva System to put on these events for students and the community.”



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