A thank you: Lobsterfest Returns


By Nicholas Brenn

Since 1996, students have feasted on a particular marine crustacean of the Northeast at one of the most widely anticipated events of the spring term.

Funded by Student Forum and catered by Dining Services, Lobsterfest is a yearly treat for students that began as Dining Service’s “Thank-You” to students on the meal plan.

Student Forum budgets around $10,000 for Lobsterfest, and Student Forum President Justin Reilly ‘13 explained that “the overall cost of Lobsterfest is driven by the market price of lobster at the time we purchase them.”

Dining Services takes bids from wholesale lobster distributors, such as Sysco and Kraft Foods, and chooses the most competitive bidder to supply the lobster to the students. Director of Operations for Dining Services Callie Stacey explained that “we’ll be ordering over 1,000 lobsters this year.”

Stacey continues, “The lobsters will be cooked at West, and are steamed for approximately 15 minutes.” Food connoisseurs prefer steaming their lobsters, as it preserves the ocean fresh taste while keeping the meat juicy and tender.

For those concerned about the lobster’s sensation while being steamed alive, know that they have a very simple nervous system that does not process pain.

Weather permitting, Lobsterfest will be held outside on the Reamer Patio on Friday, May 17 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m..  It will move inside if the weather does not permit outside festivities.

In response to student demands, Student Forum will also be supplying twice as many Lobsterfest T-shirts as last year. These free T-shirts will be given to the first 400 students in line.



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