Unemployment: What this means for U


By Greg Brenn

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 7.50.40 AMThe national unemployment rate has most recently been updated to 7.6 percent. As Paul Freiberger, author of When Can You Start? stated, “Today’s overall 7.6 percent unemployment rate does not provide this year’s college grads with the best start to their future careers,” which may frighten the soon-to-be college graduate.

The Becker Career Center, however, has been working with students to best prepare them for the seemingly formidable job market.

Undeterred by the newest unemployment statistics,  Director of the Becker Career Center Robert Soules explained that ample resources are available for students and that it is never too early to start the job search. “The internship or job search is very different than, for instance, academic studying.”

“In theory, you can put a lot of effort in academic studying to accomplish a goal. Usually the internship and job search is not that way. You have to put a little bit of time, energy and effort all the time to make that happen,” said Soules.

“Recent graduates may be concerned that they may be competing for employment with other students who have studied finance or marketing at a reputable business school; Union students, however, should be able to articulate the value of a liberal arts degree,” Soules explained. “Union teaches a discipline approach to inquiry or problem solving, broad thinking, strong communication skills and strong analytical skills.”

Soules went on to state, “Frankly, those individuals in marketing have only learned the marketing discipline for today. But what is going to happen five years from now? That information becomes less useful and less important.  What really becomes important is how you think, how you communicate and how you get along with others.”

The Career Center is still in the process of gathering the employment statistics for the Class of 2012, but Soules explained that in previous years, approximately 60 percent of recent Union graduates have been employed right after graduation, about 30 percent go on to graduate school or are waiting to hear from graduate school and the remaining 10 percent take the time to travel or use the summer to relax and pick up the job search in the fall.

The Becker Career Center also wants students to know that experience is important, because when students graduate many still do not have an idea of what they want to do as a career.

Additionally, there are 8,100 alumni whom current students can connect and network with to become aware of available career options. Soules stated that Union graduates love when present Union students contact them about their career or company.

He concluded, “I’ve said this before and I’m sticking to this, but I believe that any student who really wants a job will get one, but they must recognize that it’s going to take time.”



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