Three seniors look at the past, present and future of women’s lacrosse


By Michael Mullen

As the Union Women’s Lacrosse season comes upon its final games, the seniors are looking back fondly on the memories they’ve had, on and off Frank Bailey Field.

The seniors took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and recollect on their previous seasons, what is to come for each of them and advice for the upcoming Dutchwomen. Here are the questions and responses given by seniors Tory Cameron, Brittany Fraser and Heather Fraser.

How was the experience of being an athlete at Union?

Heather: “I couldn’t imagine being at college and not playing lacrosse. That is one of the main reasons I chose Union. It has helped me develop friendships that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It has helped me balance academics and athletics at the same time.”

Tory: “My GPA is actually better in-season because my day is so scheduled. I have a certain amount of time where I have to do work. In terms of friendships, our team is so close that the friendships we formed on this team have lasted all four years.”

What is your best memory from your four years of playing?

Tory: “When we beat Middlebury our freshman year and we weren’t expected to win. We beat them by one on their field and it was an awesome feeling”

Heather: “Beating Ithaca last week was awesome because we were underdogs and they are a top 20 team. We were down the whole game and we came back from being down six nothing.”

What do you think you will miss the most?

Heather: “Having 26 other girls by your side fighting for the same common goal. I am much more emotionally involved in the games now, and win or lose I just love to play.”

Brittany: “When we play that last game. Realizing that it’s the last time sharing the field with that group of girls.”

Is the fact that your college career is almost at a close hitting you yet?

Tory: “Yeah. It’s scary because when it’s over, it’s over. In high school I knew I had four more years left to play. But now this is it. It’s terrifying because lacrosse has been such a big part of my life and not having that is very bizarre.”

Any future plans to continue with the sport?

Heather: “I definitely want to stay in the lacrosse community in some way. I’ll definitely have my kids play lacrosse.”

Tory: “If the opportunity presented itself to be a coach, I might take it.”

Do you have any advice to pass on to the underclassmen on the team?

Heather: “We are the last three to have played in a top 20 program and we have really been trying to instill the work ethic we learned from playing with All-Americans and playing against so many top 20 teams.”

Tory: “Don’t take anything for granted. The time you have goes by so quickly. Just go all out. You can’t get that time back.”



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