TCBY: Truly “The Country’s Best Yogurt”!


By Abigail Hollander

Fewer than three miles from campus, The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY) offers a welcoming environment to its customers, providing a chic, modern take on your average ice cream salon. The colorful lights and popular playlists provide customers with an opportunity to escape daytime dramas and focus on the “art” of making an ultimate, yet healthy sundae.

Stephanie, the general manager of Niskayuna’s TCBY, spoke with us about the history of the company and her experience in the TCBY franchise. Frank Hickingbotham founded the company in Arkansas in 1981 with a goal of ensuring that desserts could be satisfying and healthy.

The founder himself originally challenged the idea that frozen yogurt could be just as delicious as traditional ice cream. According to Stephanie, he called the franchise “TCBY: This Can’t Be Yogurt” before changing the name to “TCBY: The Country’s Best Yogurt.”

The Niskayuna location offers 12 flavors. From the traditional Golden Vanilla to a savory Strawberry Cheesecake or Cookies and Cream, the company offers its customers to indulge in a variety of flavors. TCBY also makes a range of sorbets for the lactose intolerant, including Ruby Red Grapefruit, and several gluten-free options. The nutritional values vary from 96 percent fat free to completely nonfat. The company has even created a sugar-free yogurt. TCBY also has daily frozen yogurt specials in order to satisfy its customers’ different taste preferences.

Stephanie, who has been with the company since November 2011, is currently the general manager of three upstate stores.

Regarding the benefits of her job, she said, “Not only do we get to create a great environment for the customers, but we try to get involved in the community as well. We let our customers know that we do care about them, and we do care about helping the community.” The Shop Rite Square location is currently helping local schools and sports teams raise funds through gift card donations.

When asked about her favorite creation, Stephanie revealed, “I love the Cake Batter, and I actually have a secret fetish for the gummy worms.”

Next time you venture off campus on a warm, sunny day, head to TCBY to try one of their daily specials and satisfy your sweet tooth!



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