Science and Technology Update


By Joshua Ostrer

Japanese Internet

Tired of waiting for Google Fiber to come to your town with one gigabyte per second (Gbps) speeds? Well, Tokyo’s wait for super high-speed Internet is over. Sony is providing the service through its “So-net.” The Internet service costs $51 a month, and includes an installation fee of roughly $530 with a two-year contract. But how fast is the service? At 2 Gbps a second it’s over 30 times faster than the United States’ average Internet speed of 5.8 megabytes per second (Mbps). Japan was actually already way ahead of the U.S. in Internet speed, averaging  9.1 Mbps nationwide. While the U.S. continues to lag behind in Internet speed, Japan is surging ahead.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter, the mysterious element of the universe, is showing promise of existence in recent studies. Dark Matter is a thus-far unobserved particle that supposedly exists throughout the universe, and accounts for a large amount of the mass of the universe as a whole. Working out of an underground location in Minnesota’s Soudan Mine, researchers claim 99.81 percent certainty that they have witnessed dark matter interactions. The testing must all be done far underground to minimize overwhelming interference from the sun’s rays; this is largely thought to be the reason dark matter has not yet been observed on Earth itself.

Google Glass Coming Soon

Just this past Monday, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced that Google Glass, Google’s augmented reality computerized glasses, will be available to the public within the year. The potentially revolutionary product consists of a pair of lightweight glasses, which present an opaque display for the user. Google Glass will let the wearer take pictures, share anything they see or hear to social networks, get directions, basically anything, including using applications. Applications, which under Google’s new command, will not be allowed to have any advertisements whatsoever.

While some reviewers have been critical of one potential Google policy which would prevent the resale of Google Glass, Google Glass promises to be an interesting offering by the tech giant Google.


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