Grab a delicious cone at Curry Freeze!


By Adrianna Ratajska

As the cold and gloomy days of winter turn into the radiant days of spring, there is no better way to cool off than to hop off of campus and indulge in some sweet, velvety ice cream.

Whether you fancy old-fashioned vanilla, an exotic Italian Ice, or a fruity sorbet, Curry Freeze in Rotterdam, N.Y. will satisfy your craving. For over 50 years, this family-owned business has been serving its frozen desserts to the people in the area. Their delicious ice cream has long been a favorite among Union students.

In total, Curry Freeze has 32 unique hard ice cream flavors, all of which are freshly homemade.

Traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla are among the most popular.

Some of the other favorites in the shop include Only 8—a low calorie frozen yogurt, Italian ices, and Curry Freeze’s own recipe sherbets. Making their own sherbets and Italian ices is a unique feature of the store. Their Flavorburst Machine can combine multiple flavors on a cone at once.

In addition to their delicious ice cream, Curry Freeze has customizable ice cream cakes which are available to order with the option of transferring a picture onto the cake. The shop also offers a rewards program for frequent customers.

Curry Freeze is currently located at 1057 Curry Road, which has been its location since 1984 after being moved from its previous site a couple blocks away.

The present owners have been in the ice cream business for over 20 years and being familiar with the area and type of business has made their transition into managing the shop very smooth.

They have come to know many of the regular customers and look forward to meeting new people. Their favorite aspect of owning an ice cream shop is hearing the stories from parents who came to Curry Freeze when they were young and are now carrying on the tradition by bringing their own children.

The biggest challenge is making sure they exceed customers’ expectations every time they visit. They strive to have an environment that is both clean and enjoyable.

The business plays a significant role in the community, sponsoring a number of local teams including the Rotterdam Girls Softball League and Rotterdam Little League.

In addition to these, the shop has sponsored a number of local events such as the Rotterdam PBA golf tournament and the Elk’s annual car show. The owners enjoy supporting the different community events that make Rotterdam a great place to live and do business.

According to Molly O’Brien, ‘16, “Curry Freeze offers a great variety of flavors, both hard and soft, and it’s a great place to go on a triple date with your friends.” Curry Freeze also has other kinds of frozen delights, including ice cream sandwiches, popsicles and chocolate dipped, frozen bananas.

If you are looking to get off campus in the warm days of spring term, why not grab some friends and indulge in the savory ice cream that Curry Freeze has to offer? Open daily from 11 a.m., this local ice cream shop will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and leave a smile on your face.


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