Cultural beauty of Israel explored through student photography


By Sam Bertschmann

Old Chapel was filled with stunning photography last Wednesday, April 10, featuring images taken by students during various trips to Israel, including Birthright trips. Maggie Weinreb

‘13 organized the event, serving as the Grinspoon-Morningstar Intern on campus, which is a program hosted by the Israel on Campus Coalition.

The event was cosponsored by Hillel, U for Israel, The Idol, the Garnet Minstrelles and the David Project, an organization independent of Union that provided an Innovative Programming grant for the event.

“My main goal throughout the internship was for people to learn about the cultural aspects of Israel,” said Weinreb about her motivation for planning this event. “Most people simply think of the politics regarding Israel, and I want to show how much more there is to the amazing country. I love photography, and I realized that so many students—over 30 this past winter break—have visited Israel. What better way to learn about Israel than from your peers?”

The event featured 12 student photographers: Jessica Barofsky ‘13, Ben Berger ‘15, Ariel Blum ‘13, Dylan Taylor ‘16, Erika Steuer ‘15, Olivia Joyce ‘13, Dylan Magida ‘14, Michelle Goldberg ‘14, Shayna Han ‘15, Zak Smolen ‘13, Emanuel Storch ‘16 and Irina Zhorov ‘13. The Garnet Minstrelles also performed, drawing over 50 students to the gallery.

First place was awarded to Taylor, with Joyce in second place and Goldberg in third.

Weinreb considers the exhibition a great success.“We plan to hang up all of the images in Hillel so that people can continue to learn through them,” said Weinreb. “Although there are no plans right now for the next event, I hope that it continues next year with a new set of images.”


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