Better Together Day


By Nicholas Brenn

On Thursday April 4, Union’s Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) organized the campuswide wearing of blue for Better Together Day. The Better Together initiative is part of a national campaign aimed at the promotion of interfaith discussion and cooperation.

Sriya Bhumi ‘15, one of the student leaders of Union’s IFYC explained that, “The Interfaith Youth Core is a national movement started by Eboo Patel. He spoke on campus last spring about more cooperative interfaith discussion.”

Bhumi and Fatima Hosain ‘15 attended an IFYC conference last summer where they had the opportunity to learn how to create meaningful relationships across all faiths and traditions while gaining the experience necessary to bring the movement to a college campus.

The Interfaith Youth Core website explains, “American college students, supported by their campuses, can be the interfaith leaders needed to make religion a bridge and not a barrier.”

Bhumi, Hosain and fellow IFYC leaders, Mark Khazanov ‘15 and Jasmine Roth ‘14, were able to gain official club status for the initiative at the end of last term.

Roth explained, “We held the Fastathon in the fall term and Hijabi for a Day during the winter term.” Roth continued, “We’ve been doing events on campus since the fall and we want to give students the opportunity to experience religious traditions and create an open dialogue about their experiences.”

Students should keep their eyes out for more IFYC events this term. Roth finished, “We are going to organize a Create: Better Together event this term while continuing with our overall goal of interfaith outreach and cooperation”



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