Beautiful U: Stacks on stacks on stacks


By Nicolette Audino

Whoever said that a single bangle was meant to stand alone?

The hottest accessory out right now isn’t that gorgeous  diamond necklace that you have hanging in your jewelry box.

What is eye catching?  What makes heads turn? What spruces up any outfit? Stacks and stacks of bracelets.

Looking fashionable and trendy doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy thousands of dollars of designer clothes, nor does it mean that you have to pick out the most stunning outfit.

Pair a white baggy T-shirt with a pair of ripped-leg boyfriend capris and a casual pair of brown wedges, designing a more vibrant color scheme on your forearm.

One of the best aspects of this new trend is that you get to dress up your arm depending on your individual style. Pick the colors you love and mix and match them.

Wear bronze jewelry, thick plastic bangles or a classic watch with thin silver cuffs. You can be boho-chic, classic, rocker, beachy or anything else.

Pick any bracelets you want. You can mix a cuff with a thin wrap around or a watch with some distinctly different pieces. Anything goes. Stacks of bangles are perfect for springtime.


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