The Lighthouse Restaurant


By Jessica Doran

The Water’s Edge Lighthouse Restaurant and Inn has one of the best locations for entertaining in Schenectady. The Water’s Edge is located right on the Mohawk River in Glenville. In addition to having a standard dining area, there is a banquet hall, massive bar area and lodging so that many major events are held, including weddings.

The Water’s Edge has a rich history. It is the oldest existing building in Glenville, and has gone through a long succession of owners. It has been formerly known as the River House and Little Richard’s Tavern. The land on which the Water’s Edge is built was first owned by Johannes Van Epps and was later sold to Volney Freeman, the same person who built Freeman’s Bridge in 1885.

In the 19th century, broom corn was grown on the Mohawk River flats, then cured and made into brooms by the workers who lived on the farm. This was a very promising trade at the time.  In 1956 Mr. and Mrs. A. George Murray purchased the farm, which eventually became Little Richard’s Tavern. The house was recently registered in the State Historic Sites Survey and was nominated for the National Register of Historical Places. Apparently, the architecture is particularly unique for the time period in which it was built.

In 2005, the building was converted into the Water’s Edge Lightouse on the Mohawk River. It has been named the “Best Waterfront Dining” by Metroland and Capital Regional Living magazines. Sitting and relaxing and watching the Mohawk River in the warm summer months is complimented by the delicious food put out by the Water’s Edge. For a nice change of pace, visiting the restaurant in the spring is highly recommended.


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