Spring Break adventures and opportunities: Quotes about plans for the week off


By Victoria Cullinan

‘It’s a great way to start off our season and to have the opportunity to play some really tough competition.”

Sarah Logan ‘13

“It’s a great time for our team to work together and really focus on the one thing we are all passionate about.”

Hannah Gardella ’15

“As a freshman I’m so excited to go spend a week with my team and really come together through a great experience and be supported by a great community.”

Kelly Breslauer ’16

“I am really excited to go to Georgia for the first time with some friends and play my favorite sports. I’ll be getting my tan on.”

Michael Russo ‘16

“This spring break, a lot of the seniors are going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It should be a really fun time with great people.”

Cal Smith ‘13

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my Aunt Jenny because we haven’t seen her in years. The most entertaining part will probably be the trip there with my sister and counting how we’ll get lost.”

Laura Schad ‘16


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