Player Superlatives!


By Meghan Creane

The last time you were sitting in Messa Rink enjoying a Union Ice Hockey game, did you wonder who has the best hair under those helmets? Or maybe who is the most Canadian out of all of those Canucks on the ice?

Well look no further because several members of both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams have offered up the answers on a silver platter.

Dan Carr ‘14, Josh Jooris ‘14 and Wayne Simpson ‘13 of the Dutchmen, and Taylor Purvis ‘14, Shenae Lundberg ‘15, Haley Welch ‘15, Stefanie Thomson ‘14, Madeline Norton ‘14 and Christin Valente ‘15 of the Dutchwomen offered up their input on which of their team members fit the superlatives best.

So for those of you who don’t already know, here are the results:

Best Hair: Josh Jooris ‘14 and Jeannie Sabourin ‘13

Best Eyes: Wayne Simpson ‘13 and Madeline Norton ‘13

Best Goal “Celly”: Dan Carr ‘14 and Stefanie Thomson ‘14

Best On-Ice Swag: Shayne Gostisbehere ‘15 and Alena Marcinko ‘13

Best Off-Ice Swag: Mark Bennett ‘15 and Christina  Valente ‘15

Best Dressed: Theo DiPauli ‘16 and Alex Tancrell-Fontaine ‘15

Most Canadian: Sebastien Gingras ‘16 and Rebecca Babiak ‘16

Flirty Personality: Ryan Forgaard ‘13 and Taylor Purvis ‘14

Best Checker and Weirdest Ritual: Cole Ikkala ‘14 and Shenae Lundberg ‘15

Best Facial Hair and Most Blonde: Greg Coburn ‘13 and Jessica Kaminsky ‘16



















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