Editors’ Picks: things to do on break at home


By 807 Union St. Staff

1. Read

Even though it’s probably the last thing you want to do after finals, try picking up a fun book and reading for pleasure.


2. Lie in your Backyard

Hopefully these past few days of nice weather mean we’ll be getting some more in the near future. Take advantage of it and lie outside and get some sun.


3. Get Groomed

Take advantage of the free time and get a haircut, get your nails done and take care of yourself after 10 long weeks of school.


4. Catch up on TV

Catch up on your favorite shows, start a new show or watch your favorite movies. Have a TV marathon day.


5. Make a Homecooked Meal

Treat your family and friends by looking up a recipe and making something delicious for dinner.


6. Have a Game Night

Have a relaxing night at home and bust out the board games. Maybe even play a game on the Wii or Playstation with your family.


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