Beautiful U: Spring break destinations


By Nicolette Audino

I am in awe at how fast these past few weeks have flown by.  Here we are, at the end of week nine, preparing for the last few days of classes and final exams or other assignments.  Although it is always sad to see a fun, exciting term come to an end, the completion of the winter trimester can only mean one thing – spring, at last, is on its way.
Spring term marks the return of beautiful blue skies, tossing around the football with friends and casual spring attire. Between Springfest, Alumni Weekend and other major events like these, this term brings much excitement for Union students.
Before we can begin the most fun term of all once again, we have some off-campus fun to look forward to after winter term comes to an end. Whether traveling with friends or family during your break, an exhilarating, tropical destination will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated after a long, cold winter and fill you with enough positive energy to prepare you for springtime. No matter where you go, being in good company will always guarantee you a good time.  The key to a successful trip is the perfect combination of great travel companions and awesome energy.
If you have no plans for the last two weeks of March just yet, find a group and plan a last minute getaway.  You will undoubtedly feel like a brand new person after your time away, and the adventure of it will certainly amp up the anticipation.
Here are my top five picks for spring break destinations:
There are a few lucky Union students who happen to be from Miami originally. Regarding spring break, this happening city will never let you down.  From glorious beaches to top-tier restaurants to limitless shopping opportunities, Miami will no doubt provide you with a great time.  South Beach will fill your evenings, while your days can consist of soaking up some sun in the 75-degree weather on the beach.
Find an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and expect to be treated like a king or queen during your stay.  The sun, strong and warm, will leave you refreshed, and the food within the hotels will be phenomenal.  In Mexico, you can spend your days sipping refreshing drinks by the pool and, later at night, take a relaxing walk on the beach.
Widely known to be one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, the Atlantis is home to just about anything and everything you could want to do on a tropical vacation.  The beaches feature some of the clearest waters in the world, and the activity options are endless. The resort is filled with thrilling water slides, a shark lagoon, and other such forms of aquatic entertainment.  Book your trip to the Bahamas and make sure, while there, to eat at a delicious Italian restaurant in the evening called Casa d’Angelo.
Los Angeles will provide you with everything you want out of a trip.  You can not only feel the dry air and the warm sunshine, but also spend your days and nights eating in some of the greatest restaurants, shopping in the most fantastic boutiques and dancing your night away in any of Los Angeles’ vibrant clubs or bars.  This is a lively city with a rich culture, and you will come back from your time there feeling inspired and fantastic.
Although I have not personally been to St. Thomas, I have heard amazing things about this tropical island from friends who have visited.  The water, pristinely blue and clear, will provide you with the calmness you are likely searching for after a stressful winter term.  This is a great place to relax and forget about all your troubles while getting a great tan.


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