Beautiful U: Quiz – Are you a go-getter?


By Nicolette Audino

Are you a go-getter? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Your boss at work is having a really stressful day.  She asks you to go get lunch while you’re in the middle of writing an important assignment.  What do you do?A. Tell her you are busy and can’t stop what you are doing.B. Ask her what she wants and pick up something from Starbucks for her.C. Get what she wants with an extra baked good since she is having a bad day.

2. There is a guy at the bar that you think is really cute but he is across the room.  You…A. Approach him.  Introduce yourself and comment that you couldn’t help but to notice the color of his tie.B. Casually walk past a few times hoping that he notices you but never say anything.C. Turn your chair around and drink up with your friends.  He will notice you if you pretend you don’t notice him.

3. Your sister is getting married and her dress got ripped but the bridal store is closed the day before her wedding.  You…A. Tell her that it looks fine and no one will notice.B. Call your mom and the groom’s mom and see if they have any suggestions.C. Pull an American Wedding and bang on the seamstress’ door until she opens it, even if it is 2am, and pay her to fix it quickly.

4. There is a job you want but feel unqualified to take, even though you know you could be fabulous.  You…A. Don’t do anything.  Write it off as a goal for the future and just day dream about it.B. Put your application in and call everyone you know that may have a connection.  You know they will want you once they see your passion for the job.C. Create a resume and a cover letter but never actually send them in.

5. You and your sorority sister are competing for the best room in your house.  What do you do?A. Tell the girls in the house that you want it badly.B. Let her have it.  You can stay at your boyfriend’s place when his roommate is at baseball practice.C. Go to the head of housing and explain that you need it for schoolwork – no one has to know that you are going to be getting an A in social skills.

How did you do?

Q#1: A-0, B-1, C-2Q#2: A-2, B-1, C-0Q#3: A-0, B-1, C-2Q#4: A-0, B-2, C-1Q#5: A-1, B-0, C-2

7-10 points: GUTSY GIRLYou know what you want and you always go after it.  There is no stopping you when you have your eye on a specific prize.

4-6 points: MODEST MOLLYYou are on the verge of getting what you want, but often choose to play it safe and go after what you are told you can accomplish rather than what you truly want.

0-3 points: NOT CUTTING ITYou spend your life just watching  it go by rather than chasing after something.  You are a dreamer    and a goal setter but not an accomplisher.


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