After four Concordy-filled years, an Editor-in-Chief says a bittersweet good-bye


By Tess Koman

As much as I hate to admit it, there is not a single way to start this piece that won’t be cheesy. I had all of these wonderful ideas about how I was going to say goodbye to the Concordy and how I was going to sound super cool and wise (but not at all jaded), and maybe just a little bit more mature than I sounded a year ago when I introduced myself via OpEd on this same page. Ha. Well, I sat down to write this and absolutely none of that happened.

That’s okay though, because some amazing things did happen over the course of this year. Let me apologize now for patting myself on the back a little bit here—if you are reading this piece, you are, more importantly, reading the Concordy. That was not the case with a lot of students about a year ago when Gab and I became Editors-in-Chief. More often than not, this little 16-page paper is picked up in Reamer, poured through and then discussed. Do you know how happy this makes me? Seriously. An empty drop box in the library or the gym makes my week. Even if I’ve done nothing else as Editor-in-Chief, I am a happy camper. Guys, keep reading! Keep discussing and sharing and writing and wondering. These are awesome things to do. We are in college, after all.

Okay, so I guess it’s time to talk about college. The Concordy has been the most wonderful way to get to know Union inside and out.

Becoming friends with administrators (lol, sometimes not so much), students, professors and faculty has happened through the weekly process of figuring out what is happening on campus that people want to read about. I’ve loved that part the most. And now I’m crying. Fuck. It was bound to happen at some point.

This school is incredible! I sometimes (in the least creepy way possible) stop what I’m doing and watch people, the Nott, the parties, the Chester Arthur statue (just kidding). I want to jump and laugh and cry and hug and punch people just thinking about the past four years in Schenectady and in the Concordy office.

Through this school and this paper I have been afforded the most wonderful opportunities…I’ve covered Obama, Gibbs, Cohen, crowding, DKE (oh, DKE. You absolutely get a shout out in my last contribution as EIC), hockey for The New York Times and, I mean, I met and had a moment with Ryan Gosling last weekend. I’m going to stop right there because it’s getting to be too much.

To the students who pick up this paper every week because they’re curious: You are the coolest. To the students (and administrators) who hated us, complained, contributed: You are even cooler.

To the Concordy Warriors I’ve worked with over the past four years, both those who have graduated and those who are continuing: You ROCK. Thank you for slaving over messed-up Quark files and difficult stories and Oxford commas and people who have hated us. How incredible are you guys that you have dealt with my sarcasm and food in the office for so long now.

To Emily Brower and Grace Delgado: You are two of the coolest chicks I know. Yeah, I said chicks. Thank you for your dedication and patience. It means the world to me and we literally could not have done it without you.

Finally…to my beautiful pitbull of a co-editor, Gabriella Levine: You are the cheese to my macaroni and the aggressive to my passive and my actual partner in (total journalistically-justified) crime. Thank you for balancing me out and letting me get away with absurd headlines and sometimes semi-inappropriate Concordy Tweets. You and Emily will continue to be the best, and I cannot wait to see what it is that you two do together for this paper that you’ve already turned into an amazing product.

I guess I have to wrap it up now. What could I say that could be profound and make me seem intriguing and smart at the same time without being cheesy? Nothing. That’s all I have and I’m going to leave it at that. Thank you.


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