A gay ol’ time: First Gay Prom


By Lily Gurman

Union’s first Gay Prom took place on Thursday, March 7.

Kicking off at 8 p.m., the prom was a celebration of gay pride, organized by Student Allies for Equality. It attracted not just gay men and women, but straight students and those of all orientations as well.

The prom dates danced in a softly-lit Old Chapel until the Disk Jockeys refused to play any more music. The enthusiastic revelers paused only momentarily for a quick bite of rainbow cupcakes and cookies, or to take some classic prom date photographs, all provided by the student allies.

Just like many proms across the nation, Union’s Gay Prom announced a royal couple.

But instead of a king and a queen, the winners were two kings: Imran Chaudhri and Nahian Jahangir ‘15.

There was no vote for the kings, but instead a dance-off at 10 p.m..

The lights were turned off completely and glow sticks were handed out, creating a brilliant effect as the dancers made their moves on the dance floor. Chaudhri and Jahangir were chosen as the best dancers at the party, and continued to show off their skills long after the dance-off had been concluded.

Held in Old Chapel, which was elegantly decorated with hundreds of streamers, no one would be able to tell that the versatile ballroom could be used for such diverse events.

Old Chapel frequently holds blood drives, as well as formal and other social events.

The event could not have been pulled off without the hard work of Grace Delgado ‘14.

Delgado planned and executed the prom, garnering much appreciation from the prom attendees.

With the overwhelming success of the first Gay Prom, many students will be anxious to see it happen again in the future.


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