Tesoros: Anything but a small treasure


By Jessica Doran

If you want to try something new and truly delicious this Valentine’s Day, you would do well to visit Tesoros Café, a new coffee shop that offers much more. Located on upper Union Street, the café used to be a real estate office, but is now home to cozy chairs, warm lighting, couches, and an ambience that really cannot be beat.

Upon hearing about Tesoros, I was skeptical about trying a new coffee shop. Schenectady has so many great ones, including Happy Cappuccino and Ambition. But if there is one thing that is true of longstanding restaurants and institutions in Schenectady, if a place has character, it will thrive.

Tesoros certainly has that. Not only do they serve delicious coffee drinks, they offer homemade soups and pastries. The café also comes equipped with Spanish flare. Every Friday from 7-8 they offer Salsa Dancing lessons, with a Salsa Dinner special menu. They also host Spanish meet-ups on Sundays, where you can learn some Spanish and enjoy some of the café’s delicious lunch options. With events like this, the café is setting itself apart from the mundane of the caffeinated world.

Upon entering the café with another editor on the Concordiensis staff, Samantha Tyler ’14, we were immediately greeted by the café’s owner, who was inquiring about what we would like to have and how our days were. After asking for her suggestions, she decided to surprise us with one of her favorite drinks: a caramel vanilla latte, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. The coffee was outstanding, and warmed us up on a cold day. More so than that, her demeanor truly made for an amazing experience. She sat down across the café with the chef who works there, and involved us in conversation. Did we go to school? How did we hear about Tesoros? Would we please spread the word?

I was more than happy to tell her about our involvement with the paper and she was overjoyed to hear it. The atmosphere was so comfortable; it was truly difficult to leave after sipping the last dregs of my coffee. Although the seating was well placed, and the chairs were comfortable, the conversation is truly what made me the most relaxed.

Tesoros comes highly recommended for a place to convene for business meetings, casual coffee, or even to hang out and do some schoolwork. It is my hope that this cozy, multicultural café becomes a regular spot for all students to experience.

Tesoros is offering a Valentine’s Day deal for a free latte with any meal, and a special Valentine’s Day dinner menu. For all menus and information, like Tesoros on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and help support a truly unique and up and coming local business.

For all menus and information, like Tesoros on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and help support a truly unique, up-and-coming local business.



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