Targeting crime hot-spots in Schenectady: New technology seeks to address criminal activity within the city


By Meghan Creane

off the map as a hotspot.”

Reactions from the student body on the impact of this new technology vary. The vast majority of the students  were not aware that any new technology is being used or what the technology is. As Arian Holman ‘15 says, “I had no idea there even was this new technology, but now that I know about it I suppose I do feel somewhat safer.”

After learning about the new technology being used, Julian Gendels  ‘15 says, “I’ve never really felt threatened by the locals of Schenectady…but now that they are using this new technology I feel even safer.”

Reed Houston ‘16 noted that he thinks “many students don’t feel unsafe, especially on campus, but I think the idea of the new technology is a creative one.”

This new technology seems incredibly promising for the city of Schenectady, and despite not knowing of its existence prior to their interviews, the students are generally receptive to the idea and the potential it has to improve safety within the area.


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