Schenectady Police Department finds cocaine and guns


By Meghan Creane

On the night of Jan. 17, the Schenectady Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit and Special Operations Squad executed a search warrant at a home on Cutler Street in Schenectady.

After searching the residence, the police seized “approximately 1.25 pounds of cocaine, which has an estimated street value of approximately $75,000-$100,000” according to the news release on the Schenectady Police Department website. They also found a stolen handgun and an assault rifle—both loaded—as well as about $4,000.

Naquan James Robinson and Jerome Darnell Jordan were arrested, each receiving several different charges.

When asked how the police force is dealing with drugs in Schenectady, Lieutenant Mark McCracken said, “We have an investigation unit that specializes in narcotics and keeps an eye on the drug activity in the area.” He also noted that “this was obviously a large bust of both drugs and firearms,” but it should not leave anyone unsure about the work being done by the Schenectady Police Department.

Union’s Director of Safety and Security Christopher Hayen, is also optimistic about the work being done as far as drugs on campus are concerned. “We’ve seen a decrease [in drugs on campus] if anything. What we use as a measuring stick is incident reports, and so far we seem to be doing pretty well,” Hayen said.

Both Campus Safety and the Schenectady Police Department are constantly communicating and working together to keep the campus and the surrounding area as safe as possible.

Hayen said, “We regularly meet with the city of Schenectady…and we get alerts of what is happening not just around campus but all around the city…of everything from drug activity to robbery information.”

When told about the recent drug bust on Cutler Street many students were initially startled by not only the amount of drugs found, but also by the firearms involved. “It’s crazy to think that that happens anywhere near campus,” said Alex Cavert ‘15. However, when told that Campus Safety and the Schenectady Police Department were working together, Cavert replied, “It’s good to know that Campo is up-to-date about what’s going on in the city.”

As far as student safety is concerned, Lieutenant McCraken is confident in students’ abilities to stay safe on campus and in the surrounding area simply by looking at the facts. “People have been shot and killed over drug deals in the city of Schenectady [additionally] it is illegal and the consequence for all parties involved are criminal,” he said.

McCraken also cautions that “even being in a house when it gets raided can leave you facing the same charges as the dealers…ruining all your future plans.”


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