Schaffer to form an Outreach Committee for students


By Nicholas Brenn

Schaffer Library has formed a new Outreach Committee to more effectively target student needs while exploring new ways to attract students to the resources that the library has to offer. Schaffer Library’s Collaboration, Outreach and Initiatives Librarian, Courtney Seymour, explains that the committee was “pulled together to promote activities, resources and events to get students into the library and see what we’re all about.”

By collaborating with campus entities such as the Becker Career Center, the Counseling Center and ITS, Schaffer Library hopes to have a more dynamic role on campus while sticking to its roots in assisting students with literary references and resources. Some of the most recent improvements to Schaffer Library include the installation of Microsoft Word on all lobby computers, improved seating and lighting and extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Licensed therapy dogs and professional massage therapists are also being explored for future final exam periods.

“We’re just trying to be responsive,” Seymour explained. “Not only are we here for students, but we want to be listening to their needs as well, and that is the goal of the new committee.”

The Library Outreach Committee is currently composed of Schaffer Library staff, but Seymour and the committee are “working on creating a student advisory panel.” The committee is still in the process of collecting names with “the goal of finding a broad base of students who are both frequent library users and infrequent library users.”

Any students interested in being considered for the Library Outreach Committee are encouraged to contact Courtney Seymour by e-mail.


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