Messa’s specialty coffee event


By Greg Brenn

Last Wednesday, Messa House hosted the first of many specialty coffee events aimed at educating interested students and faculty about the flavor profiles of freshly roasted beans, unconventional coffee brewing methods and the importance of fair trade when it comes to coffee.

One of the organizers of the event, Jeffrey Wettstein ‘15 explained, “The Brenns and I have a unique interest in the specialty coffee industry and the Minerva program offers the perfect opportunity for us to share our interest with the campus.” Coffee beans from Burundi, Bolivia and Peru were freshly roasted and shipped to Union for the tasting.

The event focused on the beans’ multifaceted aromas and tastes, which can range from tropical fruit undertones to dark, chocolatey finishes.

In addition to brewing cups of coffee, these coffee connoisseurs also explore the completely different realm of espresso-based beverages.

Wettstein described how the different variables in the preparation of the espresso shot make the whole process so interesting.

He commented, “30 pounds of pressure in the tamp of the portafilter and water that is between 195-200 degrees are just two of a long list of processes we need to think about before making a latte.”

The espresso machine is a new investment by the Minerva Programs Office, making frequent appearances at the Chess Club’s Chespresso nights at Messa House.

The office hopes the machine will be used at Minerva events throughout the remainder of the year.

From lattes to black coffee, Wettstein said, “Students shouldn’t expect anything less than a complete coffee experience.”



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