Investigating the LinkedIn Craze


By Jessica Doran

As a senior who is contemplating the long awaited job search that is before me, I can use all the help I can get. And if there is something easy to use on my phone that could assist me throughout this process, I would definitely want to know about it.

Although LinkedIn is already vastly utilized throughout our campus and others to find jobs and connect with people who are in certain professions, I never knew there was an app that makes navigating LinkedIn even easier.

On the menu of your profile, you can browse updates, look at your profile, see your messages and check in with the groups that you follow. The menu is extremely easy to use and keeps everything close and simple.

Because I had not used LinkedIn very much and was not attuned to all of its intricacies, I asked Becker Career Center’s Employer Relations Bridget Graham to assist me and to fill me in on some more information on LinkedIn. Graham runs a LinkedIn workshop in the Becker Career Center that is open to all of campus.

First and foremost, I wanted to know what she thought of the LinkedIn app. “I have not had too much experience with the LinkedIn app—I do have it, but rarely use it.  I think it is useful if you are on the go to research industries or read up on group discussions.  I would hesitate to connect with individuals through it.  As with all new technology, we are becoming more comfortable with sending out quick responses than taking the time to craft a well-developed message to those you wish to connect with.”

One of the first things you learn when sending out job applications and cover letters is that you should take the time to craft each application to the employer you are looking to hire you, highlighting the specific skills that may be beneficial to a specific position. In this regard, I agree with Graham and think her advice is very sound. Although the app is excellent for staying connected, I would not suggest doing any hardcore job applications or serious résumé work on the app.

The app is helpful to have on your phone, but having the  computer to complete connections on LinkedIn is a much more viable option.

Graham holds a LinkedIn workshop weekly and urges anyone interested in learning more to show up. The next one is on Feb. 12 at 4 p.m.   See below for some more tips regarding LinkedIn!


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