Editor’s Picks: Top gifts for that special someone


By 807 Union St. Staff

1. Flowers

A dozen red roses never made any girl mad on Valentine’s Day.


2. Chocolate

You know, the chocolate in that heart-shaped box? Russell Stover chocolate is the way to go for this one, but for local delights, stop by Uncle Sam Chocolate on Albany Street for all different chocolate designs.


3. A Little Lovin’

This one doesn’t really need a whole lot of explaining.


4. Teddy Bear

This instant classic is nice to give a good squeeze.  Build-A-Bear is a common destination for bear-giving.  It even says “stuffed with love” on the birth certificate!


5. A hug

Even if you’re not in a relationship with someone, give somebody you care about a hug. It’ll make their day as much as it will make yours.









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