‘Declining?’ A look at the Bookstore


By Brianna McCarthy

Imagine a day at Union without the bookstore: How would we get by without our Red Bull and candy bags? In all seriousness though, working at the bookstore has been one of our favorite parts of our experience at Union. What other work-study on campus allows you to see and socialize with all your friends and classmates in Reamer? Sure, we may not get to catch up on homework while there, but we do get real-life job experience. Many past students have used the adults we work with as job references. It may surprise some of you that these adults’ favorite part of working at the bookstore is all of us, the students. While most call our generation spoiled, whiny and inconsiderate, it is refreshing to hear Nada Vineyard and Denise Cleveland, who see and interact with a large number of Union students every day while working in the convenience store, remark on how pleasant and polite Union students are.

Cleveland said, “I am blessed to work in an environment with such wonderful young adults who say please and thank you and keep me smiling all day long.” Vineyard loves the close relationships she has developed with the work-study students, and that there is never a dull moment. Being away from home at college, it is comforting to have adults around who care about you. Walking into the office upstairs or behind the register downstairs, we’re always greeted with a “How did that test end up going?” or “What did your professor end up saying about your paper?” Everyone at the bookstore is like a family. It reflects the tight-knit community that makes Union the school that it is, and we’re lucky to work with such great people every day.



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