Behind Upper’s V-Day dinner


By Greg Brenn

Valentine’s Day has once again come upon us. For those who are valentine-less, this day may be a crude reminder that a “special someone” is missing from his or her life, but for 10 lucky couples, Upperclass Dining will serve as a venue for an intimate and romantic dinner experience. For the past two weeks, students have had the opportunity to enter their names in a drawing for a chance to win a romantic dinner for two at Upper-Class Dining Hall.

The cuisine the Upper chefs will be serving will be a catered meal that includes a choice of strip steak, pan-seared salmon or a vegetarian option; an appetizer; along with non-alcoholic cider and cheesecake for dessert.

Director of Dining Services David Gaul is very enthusiastic about this dinner, since he has organized a similar contest at other colleges such as RPI and the University of Binghamton before bringing the idea to Union. “We used to do 30 couples, the dates came in shirts and ties and dresses, and we had a violinist walk around the dining room,” Gaul stated. “The students had a lot of fun with it, and I presented the idea to my team and asked them, ‘why don’t we do it here?’”

When asked about how Upper Class will create an intimate ambiance, Gaul responded, “We want to keep the beauty of the surprise for the couples, but it will be in a sectioned-off area, with waiters and waitresses.”

For those fortunate couples that will enjoy a romantic dinner at the price of only a meal swipe, Gaul hopes this dinner will be successful and hopes to do it again for future Valentine’s Days. As for what happens after the romantic dinner, “Whatever happens, happens,” Gaul said, laughing.


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