Beautiful U: Winter beauty products


By Nicolette Audino

No matter the season, it is important to hydrate your hair, soothe your skin and glam yourself up. If you are in the market for something to do just that, try out my picks for the best hair, skin, and makeup products.
Goldwell Root Lifter: A commonly forgotten hair product, root lifter will help your hair become more voluminous without the damage caused by teasing it with a comb and hairspray.  Before you blow-dry your hair, split it into sections and spray this root lifter an inch away at the root while damp.  This will leave your hair lifted at the root and provide you with all-over fullness.
Rusk Moist Shampoo: During the winter, your hair may become dry and coarse. This “moist” shampoo will leave your hair hydrated in those hard winter months and keep it smelling and feeling fresh.
It’s A 10 Conditioner: After applying your moisturizing shampoo, it is important to use conditioner.  In today’s day and age in which most of us are using straighteners and curling irons to make our hair look perfect, it is also important to hydrate our strands.  Apply this in the shower and rinse – your hair will look straight out of a Pantene commercial.
Oil-Free Neutrogena 4-Step Face Wash: Although you have to buy all four tubes separately, this four-step system will leave your face clean and oil-free.  It prevents breakouts and leaves you feeling cool and clear.
Olay Nighttime Face Moisturizer: Before going to bed at night, provide your skin with a mask of hydration and freshness that will leave your skin soft and smooth.  This moisturizer is also age defying, and even if you are young, it is always great for prevention of later skin woes.
Nivea Skin-Firming Lotion:  This hydrating lotion leaves your skin shining and smooth.  The best part about this product is the skin-firming aspect, which slowly works to tighten up the cells in your body that may produce cellulite.
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads: These skin wipes are a great alternative to hitting the tanning booth because they give you a natural looking glow.  Instead of absorbing harmful UV rays, these skincare pads will leave your face looking like you just stepped off the beach after you allow it to dry.
Chanel Brow Pencil: Eyebrows are a major focal point that shape your face.  By finding your right color of brow pencil and lightly brushing them in to make them appear more shapely, or even thicker, your facial structure will transform in the best possible way.
MAC Lip Gloss: This brand of lip-gloss will give you just the right amount of color without being too intense.  The color pops and the gloss provides you with a sheer gloss that will make your lips look luscious and beautiful.  The coverage is perfect.
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner: Liquid eyeliner can be tricky if you don’t have a steady hand, but practice makes perfect.  This Urban Decay brand of liner will provide you with a perfect line and will stay on through tears, sweat or a very long day of class.


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