Beautiful U: City vs. local fashions


By Nicolette Audino

Walking down the street in New York City is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can take on. The clothing, hair, makeup and trends all make walking down a New York City street so exciting. You never know who or what you will see walking around the corner.

Playing around with your style allows for self-expression and an amazing release. Experimenting with new hairstyles or funky shoes helps define your style and convey your sense of individuality.

New York City is known for residents who do exactly this. Walking down the street just a few weeks ago, I saw a group of girls walking around in six-inch stilettos and gorgeous black dresses paired with beautiful fur coats. On that same street, I spotted something entirely different: a girl sporting a large pink streak in her hair, Converse sneakers, a leather vest and tie-dye leggings.

In a smaller city such as Schenectady, why don’t we see these exciting fashion trends or different, unique styles everywhere we turn? Certainly, every Union student and local resident is unique in his or her own way, but it seems that people tend to dress all around similarly in this less-urban part of the state.

Whether going to the grocery store, the mall or elsewhere, people generally wear the same clothes. Those who dress a little out of the ordinary often risk being stared at or viewed as funny.

The individuality embraced in a big city, in regards to fashion, is not necessarily given the same credit in a small town like ours. It seems much easier to just stick with the normal blue jeans, Ugg boots and big, comfy sweaters in order to blend in with the crowd.

But how is this really helping us develop our own personal style and individuality?

Waking up in the morning and taking a fashion risk can give you a rush like no other. Wondering what response your fashion choices will elicit makes for an exciting day.

Feeling confident in your style and what you wear is important, and being trendy and stylish in your own way will help you do this, whether  you choose to mix it up by wearing a pair of wedge boots and a cute sweater dress or a big sock bun on your head with a skull scarf.

In a small city, we have a tendency to forget that being different is good.

Why shouldn’t we be able to walk around wearing whatever we want, as long as it is appropriate for the setting? Why can’t fashion serve as a form of playfulness and self-expression here, as it does in the city?

Tomorrow, when you are getting dressed, instead of putting on your usual Friday attire, take a step back and be bold.

Dress trendy, dress fashionably, and most importantly, dress for you.



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