Amnesty International hosts discussion on arms trade treaty


By Kelly Mears

Last Wednesday night’s Dinner and Discussion at Golub House provided a forum for people to discuss an issue that has been more widely discussed as of late: guns, particularly the Arms Trade Treaty.

Political Science Professors Tom Lobe and Anthony Dell’Aera came to facilitate the discussion and enjoy food from Tara’s Kitchen. The 15 to 20 students present listened to the two professors introduce the Arms Trade Treaty as a method of regulating weapons trade.

It would work on the premise that nations would come together in order to ensure the regulation of arms.

Students debated the need for the gun trade to continue to further economic profit in the U.S. against a more moral stance, claiming the need to control sales of weapons to countries that use these weapons against their own people.

Dell’Aera targeted the key issue by focusing on the fact that the U.S. is unlikely to do something globally without first asking itself how this impacts the country and its economy.

Students focused on the clear need for the U.S. as a global power for change to take a stand in regulating gun sales through incremental initiatives that would increase restrictions on the sale of guns to countries that don’t adhere to human rights.

Talks on the treaty have currently halted, though the U.S. supports a second round of negotiation, regardless of heavy dissent from the National Rifle Association.

The Amnesty International Club plans to follow the outcome of this issue.

Club President Rachel Mann ‘13 said, “Regulating international arms trade is extremely important in keeping guns out of the wrong hands and promoting the safety of human lives. Amnesty International plans to hold more discussion-based events in the future on similar concerns.”


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