A winter term reflection


By Miriam Hammer

As the halfway point of Winter term approaches, I am slowly beginning to feel the listlessness and irritability sink in. The novelty of being back at school after break is over. The monotony of classes and homework has begun. I am so often overwhelmed and over-stimulated here that sometimes I would give anything for an empty room and a quiet night. At times I find myself daydreaming that I am at home in my bed with my dog, away from the noise of the hallways and the responsibilities of my everyday life.

It is times like these that I like to remind myself why I love this place so much. Union allows me the luxury of having the ability to socialize for every hour of the day and night for eight months of my year. There is always somebody awake. Always somebody around, whether it is my roommate sitting on the bed next to me or my neighbors down the hall.

The ability to talk to someone, borrow something or go somewhere at any hour of the day without having to take more than 10 steps from my bedroom door is something I always miss when I am home. Amidst the chaos of college life it is so easy to take for granted the feeling of knowing that a friend is only a step away.

I realize how lucky I am that for most of the year I have the ability to walk across the hallway, into the arms—and the actual homes—of my best friends.


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