A fascination to last a lifetime


By Heather Mendiola

“It was fascination I know” are the opening words to the song Fascination by Nat King Cole. “Just a passing glance, a brief romance…then fascination turned to love.” Susan and Stanislaus Gorski have always loved this romantic song because to them, Nat King Cole was singing their story.

Susan and Stan were both working in the same building at the Watervliet Arsenal when they met, he a machinist and her a factory worker. Her beauty caught his shy eye, paralleling the song line “just a passing glance.” As the song plays on to the “touch of a hand,” there is again a parallel, this time to one of the first dates between the couple. Stan was afraid to ask if he could put his arm around Susan, so he dropped his lighter on the other side of her, reached around to pick it up and then left his arm around her shoulders.

Their fascination turned to love, and stayed there of course. Stan and Susan would show their love in the little ways. However, these little ways are what make this story a favorite to their son Stanley, who favors this above all other love stories.

Stanley Gorski  of the mechanical engineering department recalls the love he watched growing up, as his parents took care of one another. Stanley says his parents complemented one another: they “did little things” for each other and worked together to solve problems; they would “get things done.” Stanley’s mother would bring his father a cold drink when he was working outside on a hot day, and his father would bring home a surprise for his mother if he went on a trip somewhere.

As Stanley watched the kindness displayed by his parents, he became aware of how important giving without being asked is, and wanting nothing in return for it. He realized that a good love “doesn’t require a lot of effort,” it comes naturally because you should know what the other is thinking.


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