Beautiful U: Stay warm and look cute


By Nicolette Audino

There’s a common misconception that winter is a time to throw on whatever clean clothes you have, usually the biggest sweatshirt you own, and leave the house to brave the cold.  With winter comes chilliness, and with chilliness comes the need for comfort and warmth.

What you may not realize as you are struggling to get out of bed, reluctant to face the 12-degree temperature lingering outside, is that this time of year lends itself to awesome fashion, new trends and exciting styles that emerge each winter.  Cold weather is no excuse not to be your most stylish self.

Your big bubble coat may not be the most attractive looking item of clothing in your closet, but it keeps you warm.  The extra bulk from the layers may not make you feel so glamorous, but there are ways to make those layers look fabulous and turn what’s underneath your bubble coat into an off the runway winter ensemble.


Invest in a warm, yet stylish and sophisticated coat.  A long, trendy coat like this will help you in all facets—you will be able to wear it to class, a job interview, out to dinner or essentially anywhere else.

There are plenty of coats that are warm yet chic in their own way.  Buy this coat in a neutral—brown, tan or black—and try to invest in a new one each year.  This way, every year you have a new color coat to match with your outfits.


Some of the most important aspects of looking cute while bundling up concern winter accessories, and there are plenty to choose from.  Gloves, scarves and winter hats are perfect ways to turn a drab outfit into a stylish masterpiece.

Buy gloves and scarves in pretty colors.  Don’t be afraid to buy bright colors or even neon winter accessories because it will draw a pop of color on a snowy or freezing day.

Big, knit, colorful scarves are cozy and fantastic.  New tech gloves allow you to use your phone while walking in the cold, and they come in an assortment of colors.  I personally own a pair of orange and blue ones, and they add a splash of color to every outfit.


Next, invest in a nice pair of boots.  I know that wearing them in the snow can be frustrating because they may get dirty, but a nice, flat or wedge pair of winter boots will look great with your new coat and bold accessories.

If you get leather boots, you can always wipe them off when you get them dirty walking across campus or stepping in puddles.  As much as I love stilettos, I suggest staying away from them when going to class—black ice is everywhere!


Leggings are the key to being comfortable in the cold.  They are movable, stretchy and when you get a chance to cuddle up under a blanket to do homework, you won’t have to change out of them.


As far as tops and sweaters go, use your own judgement and style to wow everyone with your selections when you take off your coat.  Match your tops to your style and don’t be afraid to layer a top with a sweater and coat.


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