Wanted: Interested writers


By Matt Olson

With the winter season in full swing here on campus, one may be looking for another activity to keep busy, or are looking to get involved in their first club at Union.  In either case, pne of these many activities could be contributing to the Concordiensis.

At the Concordy, students are allowed to speak their thoughts in the Opinions/Editorials section, write about interesting events in the News section, and highlight many of the events Union has to offer in the Arts and 807 Union St. section.

Regardless of the section, the Concordy aims to keep the student body informed about the weekly happenings around the school while also

There are many opportunities at this paper, other than writing. Copyeditors and photographers are always welcome to contribute.  Concordiensis is committed to providing the campus with the most reliable and accurate news possible.

There is no mandatory weekly commitment to contributing to this newspaper; simply peruse through editor’s emails in the beginning of the week and see if an idea interests you.  If one does, reach out to that editor as soon as possible! He or she will gladly provide you with more useful information on how to contact any sources or how to attend a specific event relevant to the article.

Or, if you can think of an interesting story that you feel deserves attention on campus, do not be afraid to email the editor personally and recommend it to them. Editors are always searching for new ideas to complete their sections, and the paper allows for both writers and editors to contribute to the section to make the paper the best it can be.

All it takes to contribute to the Concordy is to have a keen eye on the events happening at Union and to have fun.  To get started contributing, contact Editors-in-Chief Tess Koman and Gabriella Levine at concordy@gmail.com.


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