UNION’S NEWEST INVESTMENT? Mixed feelings about Reamer’s addition: the 90-inch $11,000 LED TV


By Greg Brenn

Have you noticed the new television in the Reamer Campus Center?  It’s not your average cathode ray tube TV that you would find in Grandma’s basement.  No, not even close.

Made by Sharp, this 90-inch LED television is the largest LED TV on the market, priced at $11,000, and has taken the place of the monthly paper campus event calendar.

The new flat screen television, which cycles through various campus events, stock market updates, sports scores and “factoids,” among other displays, has the capability to present more club events and campus activities that the old campus calendar could not accommodate.

However, admissions tour guide Maggie Hoffman ‘15, has experienced a change in her tour commentary through Reamer without the campus calendar.

“Throughout the tours there are certain places where we stop and give the group information. Before the TV, I would stop the tour right next to the calendar and use it to explain the variety of activities going on campus. Now with the new TV, I feel that explaining the amount of activities is not the same because there is no visual evidence like before.”

Student Forum President Justin Reilly ‘13 explained that Student Forum chose to implement this new update to Reamer. As previously stated in one of last term’s Concordiensis articles,  Reilly remarked that the TV will provide a “wow” factor, which will be “a great way to make Union more advanced and competitive.”

Hoffman, however, noted that her tour group did not make many comments about the TV.  “They might have mentioned that it was nice, but I think they were more interested in the activities I was talking about.  Also, the handmade poster contributed a humanistic touch to Reamer, which I believe is lacking now.”

Hansong Qu ‘14, reflected similar criticisms about the new television. “I think it’s a ridiculous display of excess,” Qu responded. “If people desperately wanted to check the weather or how the markets are doing, they would most likely tap into that information on their smartphones.”

Though many students disagree with the implementation of this television, the full capabilities of this technology have yet to be utilized as it is still early in the first term of its implementation.  However, as Qu ‘14 stated about the old paper calendar, “It got the job done.”


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