Staying relaxed during the winter term


By 807 Union St. Staff

When the snow begins to fall and the temperatures drop, it is often difficult to find motivation to do work and to participate in all the activities you were “so pumped” about during fall term.  Here are some some suggestions from the Counseling Center to alleviate the stress and keep your mind sharp.

  • Work with it.

Because it gets darker earlier, melatonin levels decrease earlier in the day. To combat this, focus on the high-energy tasks earlier in the day in order to maintain efficiency throughout the entire day.

  • Don’t fight the fatigue.

Increased sleepiness is natural during the winter months. A 20-minute “cat nap” can recharge the body and make doing homework or an extracurricular activity easier than it would be without a nap.

  • Take a walk.

Talking a brisk walk increases heart rate and blodd pressure, which has the same effect as a shot of adrenaline. This can increase energy levels and decrease anxiety, leading to a happier and more efficient day.

  • Eat healthy.

Complex carbohydrates and omega 3’s can lead to not only higher energy levels, but to a better mood. Aim to eat these foods two to three times per week for optimal body performance.

  • Break a sweat.

Sweat production decreases the amount the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It also increases endorphin production, which can lead to a better mood and a natural sense of well-being.


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