Residential Life Director Molly MacElroy leaves


By Nicholas Brenn

On Friday, former Director of Residential Life Molly MacElroy left her position at Union to pursue another career.

A.J. Place, who previously took over the interim role as the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life before current director Sunni Solomon II was hired, has now filled in as the interim Director of Residential Life until a new, permanent replacement is found.

At Union, MacElroy was the director for five years, and before that she was Assistant Director of the Upperclass Independent Areas for two years.

Not only had MacElroy worked on campus for seven years, she also grew up in the area and knew about Union’s reputation.  During her time at Union, MacElroy stated that she enjoyed watching student transformations over the years.

“It was wonderful to get to see several classes come and go through Union and watch them grow from timid first-year students to confident, well-prepared seniors,” she expressed.  “Liberal arts institutions are particularly great for students who want to get involved in everything and really provide students opportunities they might not get at other places.”

MacElroy recently received her MBA from Union Graduate College, which has led her into a new position with the Ayco Company, a Goldman-Sachs Company that provides estate planning, asset management and other services to high net-worth individuals and families.

“I knew that I wouldn’t stay at Union forever, and an opportunity came up for me to join a full-service financial firm, and I didn’t want to pass it up,” MacElroy said.

When asked about how Union will contribute to her future plans, MacElroy said that she was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of this community.  “I think that having the name ‘Union College’ on my résumé will serve me well for networking and for the mere fact that its reputation locally is outstanding,” she explained.

While only just beginning the second week of her new job, MacElroy has already had many people ask her about her time at Union.

The campus bids Molly MacElroy farewell and wishes her well with her future endeavors.


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