In defense of Student Forum


By Nora Swidler

In the hoopla that exploded last week concerning the complaints of the new TV in Reamer, students were quick to defend the calendar, its charm, personality and character.  However, a few points were not touched upon in defense of the television.

Several tour guides mentioned that they feel as though their tours have lost a bit of their humanistic touch.

I also happen to be a Gatekeeper, and, thus far, my tour groups have been impressed with the available information provided on the TV.

The personal touch comes from you, your own story and your fellow students in Reamer, not the drawn calendar.

This leads to another element that many people did not address in their criticisms of the new TV: the drawn calendar, while colorful and fun, was often not updated until the second or third week of the month because no one really wanted to make it.

By the time I learned about a campus event, it had already passed. Additionally, on Union’s campus, there are frequently multiple events occurring each  day.  Having limited space to advertise an event hindered the calendar because there was usually only one event publicized per day.

There are students who complained that their work-study jobs were taken away when money was spent on a new television in Reamer.  Let this be clarified: these are two different budgets.  Student Forum’s funds are not affected by the work-study budget, and the work-study budget is not affected by Student Forum’s funds.

The student body voted for the people who made the decision to purchase the campus television.  Our elected officials are not looking to recklessly squander money; they are seeking to better the school.

If you have a suggestion about  how Student Forum should spend its money, speak to your class representatives.  They will be more than happy to listen to you.


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