Have no fear, Kilcullen is here: City appoints Brian Kilcullen as newest Schenectady Police Chief


By Nicholas Brenn

There’s a new chief in town, and the Schenectady Police Department didn’t have to search very far to find the city’s new Chief of Police, Brian Kilcullen.  On Monday, Jan. 7, the former Assistant Chief of Police and Schenectady native was sworn in by Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy.

After graduating from Siena College, Kilcullen had his sights  set on a career of public service.  Following an unexpected termination of his desired position in the CIA, Kilcullen directed his public service interest back to his hometown.

With a desire to take an active role in serving Schenectady, Kilcullen took his police exam in 1991 and was hired by the department in 1994.

Kilcullen said, “This job put me right in the middle of pretty much everything that was happening in Schenectady.”

Kilcullen rose through the ranks of the department, gaining the confidence of McCarthy and Public Safety Commissioner Wayne Bennett to lead the efforts to reduce crime in the short-term while gradually improving the quality of life in Schenectady neighborhoods in the long-term.

“We plan on relying more heavily on intelligence products generated by our crime analysts, to more efficiently deploy our resources,” said Kilcullen.

Kilcullen hopes to achieve these goals by coordinating resources among all law enforcement agencies and departments in the area; for example, the regional drug task force, which raided the home at 1513 Van Vranken Avenue in October, was assisted by the Schenectady Police Department.

Kilcullen said that the force “plays an active role in a regional drug task force which allows us to target supply before product ever reaches the city.”

Despite the deeper challenges in Schenectady, such as a declining tax base, fewer resources and deteriorating neighborhoods, Kilcullen remains enthusiastic about his new role in the police department.

Excited about his new promotion, Kilcullen is “grateful to Mayor Gary McCarthy and Public Safety Commissioner Wayne Bennett for having confidence in my ability to lead this organization made up of many fine men and women.”



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