Following the Fellows


By Jessica Sarrantonio

Coming to India, living with the people and learning from them has been both trying and rewarding.

I am living in Bagru Rajasthan, a town that is locally well known for its hand block- printing tradition.

I enjoy learning and experiencing the local culture. However, there are many times I become frustrated with that same culture.

I am working for Bagru Textiles Pvt, LTD., a small company that is just starting to locally gain respect.

The idea behind Bagru Textiles is to directly connect the artisans of Bagru with their niche in the global market via an e-commerce website.

Ultimately, this would ensure better wages for the artisans and fair prices for the consumers.

This idea has been challenging to apply locally and internationally.

In Bagru, communicating what Bagru Textiles’ mission is, and recruiting people to become a part of our mission is an endless challenge.

Internationally, it is difficult to get exposure, and to find like-minded clients who support a mutually beneficial business partnership.

It is impossible to sum up my experience in this article. If you truly want to understand what my and my fellow Fellows’ experiences have been, Union provides you the opportunity.

In the spring we will all be returning to Union. This is a time when our experiences will be fresh in our minds and hearts.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from our experiences!

See you soon!

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