Early predictions of 2013’s Person of the Year


By Powell Wright

Last December, TIME Magazine named President Barack Obama its 2012 Person of the Year after defeating Mitt Romney in November’s Presidential Election. Recent winners of TIME’s Person of the Year include Ben

Bernanke, Mark Zuckerberg and even the Protestor. Without a clear frontrunner, TIME’s award is up for grabs in 2013.

Political Science Professor Clifford Brown believes President Obama deserved Person of the Year because of the 2012 election’s importance and influence.

Since Obama’s victory demonstrated a clear pick between two different philosophies, Brown believes Americans voted on the context of choice.

When asked about a prediction for 2013’s winner, Brown said, “Since my predictions are typically wrong, I will not venture a guess.”

Political Science Lecturer Tom Lobe stated that TIME’s Person of the Year Award typically goes to whoever attracts the most attention. “If the criteria for winning Person of the Year was the most barrier-breaking person, a lot of people were more deserving than Obama.”

Lobe believes that since the criteria for the award are always changing, there is no way to truly credit Obama as being the right choice.

He also thinks that the deserving Person of the Year may come from one of two places. If the fighting in Syria can be ended peacefully by December, an individual within diplomacy may win the award.

Another possibility Lobe mentioned is a member of the IMF or World Bank winning, if the economy significantly improves.

I asked several students about who may win TIME’s Person of the Year in 2013. Most students were not able to give a serious or specific answer because of the uncertain future of 2013.

Nick Boncek ‘14 suggested the winner might be involved in the U.S.’s continuing gun control debate. Obama’s call for action against gun violence is a clear demonstration that this subject will have a major impact throughout 2013.

Shelby Cuomo ‘13 believes that a woman, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should win Person of the Year. Even though Clinton will be stepping down as Secretary of State, her political future remains bright, even in 2013.


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