Beautiful U: Beat the winter blues


By Nicolette Audino

Baby, it’s cold outside. There is no doubt that winter is upon us, and sometimes simply walking a few feet outside to get to my car is a difficult task during this time of year.

It’s tempting to spend most of our time inside—watching television, reading, doing work and just sitting around with friends. As great as that is, sometimes the inability to go outside and sit in the sun or throw a football can put you in a somber mood. The wintertime blues can be cured, and you can make the most out of these few frigid months.


1. Find a hobby: This can easily relieve you of your boredom. If you find something that you really enjoy, it will  lure you out from under your covers. Whether you want to learn how to sew, join an indoor-soccer league or take dance classes, finding a

hobby will give you something to look forward to during your week.


2. Surround yourself with friends: Winter can sometimes make you feel lonely. Maybe the cold keeps you from socializing on a Saturday night, but the cure to that is surrounding yourself with friends. Staying in and watching a movie is fine, but do it with people.


3. Have a lazy day: It may contradict everything above, but sometimes it feels good to stay in your sweats all day, put four blankets on your bed and watch your favorite movies while drinking some hot chocolate. It’s not as good for you as getting up and going to the gym, but having a lazy day while the snow is falling can make you appreciate the winter and all that comes with it.


4. Study: Since there may not be a ton of events going on because of the cold, focus your energy on your schoolwork. Getting a high GPA this term will make you feel so accomplished. Remember, the library is always cozy and warm.


5. Have fun: Holing up in your room for the entire term will make you feel sad, out of touch and lonely on campus. Whether you make a snowman during the week or hit up a fun party on a Friday night, get out and have a blast.


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