Are you Pinterested?: Maybe you should be!


By Jessica Doran

There were times in the past where the only ways to stave off boredom were Facebook and well, Facebook. Now it seems that the Internet world is offering far more for bored and procrastinating college students.

In the age of memes and gifs, lots of time can be spent perusing the Internet for funny and creative things. Pinterest offers yet another outlet for this.

For those who are unaware, Pinterest is a website that allows a user to create a virtual pinboard of things that they see on the website that they like. There are different categories that can be browsed, including Food and Drink, Weddings, Humor, Do-It-Yourself, Fashion and various other things

In a way, you can design a fake life for yourself. But is virtually “pinning” your life away a waste of time when you could be out doing things instead of pinning them?

In my personal opinion, Pinterest is a great way to learn about new things. As a student who lives off campus with a kitchen, I needed a lot of help at the beginning of the year with learning the ropes of cooking and having a stockpile of recipes that I can refer to. Pinterest solves this problem completely. Any type of food and how to make it is there 24/7 for your reference. If you pin something, you will always be able to find it.

This is also true of small DIY tasks and fix-it jobs. Pinterest is great for learning how to get stains out of clothes and for home remedies for colds, which we all appreciate at this point in the winter. Truly anything you want to find, it can be found on Pinterest.

Although there are some times when I find myself stuck on the website rather than doing work, it never gets in the way of me getting out and doing things. More so than that, it gives me a chance to get creative. Boredom is actually solved, because you can find things to do and create.

“One day I was bored and I decided to make a ‘sun mirror’ for myself. With a few pieces of wood and a round mirror I made something that looks great above my bed. More than that, I turned a boring day into a productive one,” said Shelby Cuomo ‘13.

Instead of looking at Pinterest as a negative in terms of wasting time, I believe it should be seen as an opportunity to expand the horizons of our small college world. Union is a bit of a bubble, and on top of reading new recipes and crafts, there are informational travel pins and inspirational quotes.

There are many things that are extemely useful for college students, including calorie guides that show how many calories are in different drinks to make people aware of their consumption, as well as fitness tips and restaurant eating guides.

Things that often take a backseat in our school lives need to become prominent again and often— Pinterest reminds me of that.

It also becomes more personable in the fact that you can follow friends’ boards to see what they’re interested in and keep up with what they are doing. By creating  group boards that only you and your friends can see, you can plan surprises for other friends, sharing everyone’s own creative ideas for collaboration.

It is true that the majority of Pinterest users are female, but maybe this is because there needs to be more male input.

Pinterest is based on what the users upload and share on their own boards, so perhaps if more men became involved on Pinterest, there would be more male interest.

First and foremost, the Pinterest site is about bettering yourself.  I pin healthy recipes, exercises and things that make me laugh. Anything that keeps you from being bored in the dead of winter in Schenectady and makes you laugh can’t be all that bad.

To leave on a note of “pinspiration,” there was one pin that I found particularly inspiring.

As a random act of kindness, you can create a care package of small things (soap, deodarant, toothpaste, etc.) and leave it in the glovebox of your car.

In the case that you see a homeless person or someone in need, you can give it to them and make their day a little better. If things such as this are being shared over the Internet, there is hope for us yet.


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