WRUC ‘Radio Day’


By Thomas Scott

On Tuesday, October 2, WRUC took part in an event called “College Radio Day”.

Established in 2010, the day has garnered global participation. This year, radio stations from 23 countries took part in the growing event.

WRUC transmitted its signal for 24 hours, broadcasting a diverse array of content. The broadcast began at 12 AM on the 2nd and ended at 12 AM on Wednesday the 3rd.

Upon asking, Music Manager Kristofer Hammer ‘15 asserted that he was going to play “mostly alternative” selections. Therein lies “the beauty of college radio… any student’s allowed to play whatever music, whenever,” remarked Co-General Manager Steven Stangle ’14, who himself had been given “3 or 4 hours” to try out either a talk show, what he described as “hybrid hours,” a mix of “alternative and Hip Hop,” or an interview with local band Mike Stud & Kurt. The DJs at WRUC gave away 5 tickets to see the group perform live this Sunday at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park.

College Radio Day was WRUC’s first large-scale event this year. Last year’s participation attempt was “not as official,” claimed Hammer. Yet by last Saturday, all but 5 hours of airtime had been reserved.

Interest in student broadcasting has grown. WRUC has “over 100 people on its email list” including “60 active DJs”, more than “30 radio shows for… a total of 35… hours” of weekly programming, claimed Stangle.

Stangle also added that along with the expansion of active members, WRUC has had to “buy new equipment” and improve “the upstairs studio,” because along with greater interest and participation, WRUC is “starting to do a lot more events.”

In the past few weeks, WRUC has provided the music for two social events. The dance party at Old Chapel “was a great success,” according to the station’s Facebook page. The dance floor had “at least 50 people there at all times… sometimes close to 100 people” remarked Stangle. The second function was a “highlighter party” held at Green house this past Saturday, and was hosted by the Alpha Delta Lambda Sorority and the Fiji Fraternity.

WRUC’s “birthday is coming up on October 14th” continued Stangle. That date will mark the 92nd year that the station has been on the airwaves.

Stangle concluded, “We’re turning [WRUC] into one of the biggest organizations and we’re proud of it.”


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