Voter Registration Update


By Shelby Cuomo

This past week, Union College’s political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, worked with the College Republicans, the College Democrats and Democracy Matters to register fellow students to vote.

With the deadline to register fast approaching (October 12 was the last day to register), these clubs thought it would be most effective to physically hand out registration forms in Reamer and thus being available to help with the short, one-page application process.

Each club felt that, considering how busy Union students are, something as simple as filling out this form can be easily overlooked or forgotten, despite the fact that there are probably many students interested in voting, especially in this upcoming presidential election. The feedback we received during the week confirmed these assumptions.

Many students told us they have been planning on registering, but have either forgotten or were not sure what forms to fill out. These clubs decided that the easiest method was to fill out the applications with Union College listed as the applicant’s primary place of residence.

This will allow these students to vote in person the day of election rather than going through the trouble of mailing in their application to their own county’s Board of Elections, and then going through the process of applying for an absentee ballot.

Overall, voter registration was unanimously considered very successful. In five days we were able to get 120 students registered to vote.

Each club was very proud to be able to help any number of students register, but the genuine interest and inquiry we received all week made this event that much more of a success.


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